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​School Captain’ is the term used to refer to the two School Captains and two vice-captains elected.

There are two ‘House Captains’ for each of the 3 Sports Houses.

Leadership criteria Students wishing to run for a school or house captain position in their final year need to meet the following criteria –

  • Have achieved second gold in previous year. (NB: Second gold is preferred for House captain positions, but not essential through negotiation.  Nominated school captains must obtain their second gold). Class teachers and Admin finalise students who are eligible for second gold at the end of the year. This includes students who may have arrived at the school other than from the beginning of the year. A list of eligible students needs to be forwarded to the Year 7 teacher for reference in following year.
  • Continue to demonstrate strong positive behaviours and hip potential. These criteria are aligned directly with (and documented in) Personal Achievement and Aussie of the Month Criteria (School Behaviour Management Plan).


School captains need to reflect on their own leadership capabilities, potential and efforts. Year 7 teachers lead whole class sessions early in the year for students to make these reflections and aid in speech writing.

Elections procedures

All students are invited to an assembly to listen to speeches given by candidates. Senior year levels then complete a ballot form under the guidance of their class teacher. Teachers also complete a ballot – clearly marked.

A separate event will be held for speeches from potential house captains after the announcement of School Captains. This gives potential House Captains time to consider their speeches and choices to run in the election. House Teachers manage the voting of Sports Captains.

 ALL votes are collected and sent to the office for official counting.

School Principal will make and announce the final decision for both School Captains and House Captains.

Leaders privileges and expectations

  • Attendance to cluster leadership Camp (not compulsory). Funding negotiated with School P&C.
  • Meeting with principal once each month.
  • Attendance/presentation of school ceremonies and special events.
  • Greeting special school guests.
  • Formal recognition of achievement (e.g. local newspaper, newsletter, end of year celebration/reward)
  • Automatic invitation to school events such as socials, excursions and camps.
  • Use of hall toilets.
  • Freedom to remain outside hall area during recess.