Teaching and Learning Update


Your school spent today establishing protocols around protecting students and adults who attend the school site this week and into the future. We have developed guidelines for the teaching and learning process to ensure a range of platforms are used to get learning materials to students who attend school, those who will participate in on line learning and those who remain home without access to technology.


Firstly I hope that you and your family are well and remain so. Thankyou to those families who have followed the expectations of our Government and kept student safely at home where possible. For those children of parents who provide "essential" services we remain open to supervise your children.


Hygiene in our school is important and we have put many procedures in place to improve children and staff members safety. There are some additional measures that will commence tomorrow morning.

  • All gates have been locked to enable one point of entry into our school via the single gate below the administration building. I ask that prior to entering our grounds you have thoroughly washed your hands. Where possible parents should drop student off and pick up from outside the gate however you are welcome to settle in young or anxious students. Students will be required to wash their hands prior to entering the classroom, various times throughout the day and prior to leaving in the afternoon.
  • Some of the  adventure playground equipment will be closed to allow the remaining playgrounds to be thoroughly washed down and cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Students attending school this week and into next term will not be allowed to share stationery items with each other.
  • Please bring a water bottle that can be filled at school as bubblers will no longer be in use.
  • Where possible air conditioning will be reduced and windows will be opened to allow natural ventilation.


Teaching and learning for Term 2 and beyond. Recently I emailed every parent a copy of their child's log on details and passwords. These details allow students to check emails using the link at the bottom of our schools web site. The following is a list of draft procedures to commence first day Term 2.

  • All students have access to Microsoft One Note. Teachers are currently setting up this software and videos will be sent home later in the week showing how students can access and utilise this software. This will be the main platform teachers will use to connect with children. The desire is that every student working from home next term will check this software every day.
  • To start the term teachers will check in once per week using Blackboard Collaborate. We trialled this successfully last week with a small group of parents. This software allows the students and teacher to talk with one another. Like Facetime or Skype. Once bandwidth is known this may become the way lessons will be delivered.
  • Each day students will have links uploaded to their One Note that will provide them with a brief video and presentation on their English and Maths learning. Specialist teachers will also contribute weekly. As students, teachers and parents become more capable with the software other Learning Areas will be introduced. These sessions will be brief and set the context for learning. The remainder of the day is spent completing the expectations.
  • For those students who will be at home without technology will need to pick up from the office a package of work and return it to school on the Friday.


Our school days will look very different. Our plan is to introduce these new ways of learning slowly and build on the success. 

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Last reviewed 30 March 2020
Last updated 30 March 2020