Welcome Back Prep and Year 1


As predicted, the goal posts have again changed.

I offer you the following information in an attempt to keep you fully informed about your child's learning and the requirements from our State Government.


Changes to attendance this Monday 11th May

The State Minister recently announced that Prep and Year 1 students are able to return to school this coming Monday the 11th. We are all looking forward to having these students back into our school and resuming their learning as soon as possible. Teachers of these year levels will cease the eLearning and paper based at home learning on this day. Parents have still been given the opportunity to keep their children at home if they feel this is necessary and will not be marked as absent on the school roll. These students will be listed as learning from home, however, our teachers will not be providing work for students at home in Prep and Year 1.

Year 2 to 6 students are planned to return to school on the 25th May. Until this date the same three platforms of learning will be provided for these students:-

  • Learning at home with eLearning
  • Learning at home with paper base (Pickup and drop off Tuesdays)
  • Learning at school

The Government has not changed its views on attendance for Year 2 to Year 6 students. They are to remain at home unless meeting the previously stated definition of vulnerable.

School  staff are very keen to have all of our students back and learning amongst their peers as soon as restrictions are lifted.


Hygiene and Social Distancing at School

Our Government continues to insist that adults in our schools practice good hygiene and social distancing. I ask that as students in Prep and Year 1 return, adults should drop their children off at the gate. It is, however appropriate to bring young or anxious students to the door of the classroom. Please do not gather in groups at gates or in the school grounds.

All water taps and gates will be opened as of Monday morning to allow multiple access to our facilities.


Assessment and Reporting

Your child will still receive a report card at the end of this semester. It will include the following Learning Areas:-

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Music (where applicable)
  • Japanese (where applicable)
  • Digital Technologies (where applicable)

The level of achievement that is assigned to your child will be reflective of what has been taught and assessed in the changed conditions.

Whilst our teachers are mindful of the need to catch students up for time lost, this is weighed against student well being and reasonable expectations on children.


School Photos

Our school photos will arrive next week. Prep and Year 1 students will be given their pack to take home at the conclusion of school this Monday. Those parents who normally visit the school, to pick up paper copies of work will receive their packs on Tuesday when they are picking up and dropping off student learning materials. Those parents who are participating in the eLearning at home are welcome to call to the back of the administration building during school hours from Wednesday to pick up their photo packs.



This coming Monday our Tuckshop will be back and open for business. I am excited to inform you that our P and C are in the process of setting up our Tuckshop for On Line Ordering. We will keep you informed as this great initiative rolls out during this term.


Please stay well. 

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Last reviewed 07 May 2020
Last updated 07 May 2020