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Mission and values


Schools exist for children and our prime responsibility is the total education of each individual child. It must be remembered however that this school is but one factor in the education process, and parents and carers are also responsible for the overall quality of education their children receive. The partnership of parent and teacher is seen as vital to the welfare of all children.

 Children who succeed at school are usually those whose parents have a close liaison with the school in all its facets and by doing so support their children’s efforts to learn.

Our school promotes the forging of linkages with all stakeholders in the educative process to ensure the development of productive citizens of the future.

 The instructional program in this school concentrates on two basic beliefs about children and learning.

  1. That the child is an individual and rates of learning will vary accordingly.
  2.  That each child has a preferred learning style and no one method of instruction will suit every child.


We therefore recognise the need to provide a wide variety of teaching/learning experiences in an endeavour to meet the needs of each child.

 Mission Statement

  • to provide a caring, supportive environment which aims at catering for individual learning styles and abilities
  • foster an open, reciprocal, educational partnership, within the community
  • provide child centred learning experiences, responsive to the social, emotional, physical and academic growth of each child
  • developing socially responsible students who possess integrity, open mindedness and empathy with others
  • maximise the learning outcomes of every child while remaining attuned to feedback from the community