Learning continuity


General advice for learning continuity

  • Opportunities for students to read independently or with an adult. 
  • All students at Emu Park have access for ebooks and audio books through Reading Eggs or the SORA app. 
  • Consider joining your local library and accessing ‘Borrow Box’, for a collection of eBooks and audiobooks, which may be downloaded to computers and compatible mobile devices to support your readers at home. 
  • Encourage students to read instructions for building Lego, playing games or cooking.
  • Take the opportunity to write emails, postcards and letters to relatives.
  • Engaging your child in writing activities e.g. journals, writing a shopping list, write a persuasive letter to the newspaper.
  • Exploring opportunities to engage in everyday mathematics e.g. money, number facts, cooking involving measurement and problem solving

Curriculum Resources

A suite of curriculum resources providing opportunities and resources for students to continue their learning while not being able to access a school have been developed by The Department of Education.

These materials are designed as a support tool for students to engage in familiar activities essential to their learning and wellbeing. The included tasks and activities allow students to work at their own pace from home.

These materials include many activities, lessons and learning objects that address elements of the Australian Curriculum.

Students require their school login details to access this resource. This is available for students in PREP to Year 6. 

Students may require adult support to read and understand instructions and write responses. Detailed lesson instructions, helpful information, teaching tips and answers are provided.

The lessons for Years 4–6 are independent student materials written for a child to work through independently although students may require support at times. They contain a complete set of student resources, teaching episodes and learning objects.

Additional links to support learning at home

The below provides you with links to additional websites for student learning. 

Students at Emu Park have access and login details to:

  • The Learning Place
  • Typing Tournament
  • Maths invaders
  • Words Rock
  • Sora sites. Click here for details 

We have included a number of other Educational sites and apps that you and your children may find engaging. For a number of these links you will need to create a login for your child. We advise that you use your personal email and setup these accounts for your child these websites are not school purchased sites. As some of these are not a school purchased or subscribed sites we recommend parents preview the site and supervise their children when using the internet.

Help links to get you started at home

Music links

Click here to download a word file with music activities.

Department of Education and School Subscriptions

Learning areaNameLink
Department of Education 
Learning at Home

ICT Skills

Typing Tournament (Ed Alive)


Maths Invaders (Ed Alive)
​Words Rock (Ed Alive)
English / Reading
Reading Eggs

English / ReadingSora: Online digital library

Free Web Pages and apps

Learning area
MathematicsMath drills: Free printable maths worksheets
Various learning areasICT Games
Maths and EnglishAcademics
Maths and readingCurriculum Associates
Maths and English through CookingNomster Chef
Maths and EnglishEd Helper
JapaneseKids Web Japan
JapaneseHiragana Memory Hint (app)
App store (free)
Digital TechnologyCode.org
Digital TechnologyScratch MIT
ScienceSmithsonian Museum – fun stuff for kids

Art for Kids Hub

(you tube)
MusicMusic Lab
HealthSafety 4 kids
HealthSafety Town
Health / movementGo Noodle

Sites that require a personal log in / subscription (most currently free)

Learning areaNameLink
VariousTeach Starter
VariousStudy ladder
Spelling and VocabularySpelling City
Reading and comprehension

Squiggle Park


Last reviewed 03 April 2020
Last updated 03 April 2020